In many survival situations, you are going to need a good survival shelter. After doing some research I have determined a winner and compiled a list of 3 honorable mentions that you should learn more about.

The lean-to shelter is going to be the best shelter because it can be deployed in a quick and efficient manner and this shelter can withstand a wide variety of conditions. Materials for making a lean-to will consist of anything that is easily obtainable, can keep the wind and rain off of you and can be secured into position.

Even though the Lean-To is the winner for survival shelters, the other two honorable mentions could be the easiest shelter given the right situation.

Article Contents-

  • How the Survival Shelters Were Graded
  • What Shelters Were Tested?
    • Lean-To (The Winner)
    • A-Frame
    • Leaf Pile
    • Debris Hut
    • Teepee
    • Open Shelters
    • Huddle and Cuddle
  • Tips & Tricks
  • A Modern Twist
  • The Rest
  • Other Recommendations

How The Survival Shelters Were Graded.

We tested and graded each survival shelter on 3 factors. On a standard 1 to 10 scale where 1 is the lowest and 10 being the highest, we tested and scored each survival shelter on 3 factors

  1. Survival Applications
  2. Materials needed
  3. Degree of difficulty

What Survival Shelters Were Tested?

List of shelters.

  1. Lean-To
  2. A-Frame
  3. Leaf Pile
  4. Debris Hut
  5. Teepee
  6. Open Shelters
  7. Huddle and Cuddle