About Me

I created this site as a resource for myself and others who are interested in learning about practical survival skills. I feel that it is each of our responsibility to have the skills necessary to care for ourselves and our families in an emergency situation. 

Having been a survival enthusiast for several years and spending an extream amount of time learning, practicing and improving, I realized that most survival situations are not as complicated or dire as they may appear on the surface. With a little bit of knowledge, you can give yourself a better chance of survival.  


So… what can you expect from SurvivalCircle.com?

I plan on providing current, up to date, and accurate information on this site. Most of this information is going to be provided in a way that can be referenced and shared with others. I don’t plan on falling into the “doomsday” mindset as I feel that it takes the focus away from what I am trying to do and replaces knowledge and logic with fear. I am NOT trying to scare anyone into buying expensive products or donating money to a cause that only I benefit from.

So, get ready for a realistic approach to survival by learning the skills and theory to survive.  

If you get 1 thing out of this site, I hope it is the skills and confidence to take care of yourself and your family in a crisis.